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Starting Strong is about ensuring that the most basic needs of children are being provided for. We do this by working through primary schools where crisis situations are identified. These may be child headed homes, where families are living under the bread line or where any other crisis situations are identified.

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School Ministry
As a number of the schools began running with their own value driven programmes, the focus on values based presentations in assemblies has shifted to a devotional type work in schools focusing on outreach and discipleship.

While still in its early stages, these devotionals generally take place before school, where children can voluntarily attend. The time is used for prayer and worship, while utilising the best communicators internally at the school and from the church communities to inspire and motivate children to a deeper and mature faith in Jesus Christ.

Value Driven Schools and Family Xperience
The greatest INFLUENCE in a child’s life after the parent should be the church, but is often the school. We partner with schools, parents and the church to present and implement values in the school environment.


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